Popular places we to fish

July through October, the Fortune returns to her home port, at Fisherman’s Landing, in San Diego, to take part in the legendary offshore fishery that is found here during the summer months. Albacore, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, Big-eye Tuna and Dorado are the species we target for these three months.

November and December, and then again, in March through early July, the Fortune will be running out of 22nd Street Landing, in San Pedro, California. Our specialty is targeting Calico Bass, Yellowtail and White Sea Bass at San Clemente island, but we also will be fishing Catalina, San Nicholas and Santa Barbara island, depending on where the hot action is at the time.

Did you know?

Does the Fortuna have RSW?

The Fortune has a refrigerated spray system inside a seven ton fish hold that will be set at 29 to 31 degrees. Your fish will be promptly placed in the fish well at the end of each stop or during each stop depending on how they fish are biting. Depending on the length of trip and if you so desire, the fish you landed that day will be filleted to your specifications and then placed back in the refrigerated hold. Another option is to have Fisherman’s Processing fillet and package your fish once we return to Fisherman’s Landing, this works out well if you are traveling outside of southern California.