Thanks again Bruce for a great trip! For those of you contemplating fishing with Bruce and the Fortune crew I have two words for you: GET CRACKING! The captain is fishy, the boat is fishy, crew top notch, and the galley food was long range quantity and quality,


Craig Heberer
Humblest Fishin' Lumberjacks

Craig Heberer,

This boat is by far the most comfortable boat I have been on! And I can't wait for our 2nd charter in a week and a half. If you have chance to ride this boat "Do not pass it up" thanks Bruce!

Marvin LeRoy Yeargin ,

Nice to see the Fortune back in action! Bruce knows how to run an operation, book a trip today!

Brian La Rue,

This boat has the best, most passionate, "true fisherman" of a captain. Want to sportfish? Check it out!

Sarah Beach,